New responsive website using Foundation

After a couple of days locked away in the office after work I’ve relaunched one of the first websites I built and designed.

Jamie launched his counselling and psychotherapy company back when I was first starting out in the web business in 2009. Three years later it was high time to revisit and spruce up the site.

I find going back to old code a painful business at the best of times, but revisiting one of the first sites I ever built was particularly cringe inducing. At first I was just going to update some content and add a video but I really couldn’t stand all those png gradients, sloppy use of jQuery where I  jumped in the pool far too often and stylesheets full of #ridiculously #over-qualified > css .selectors. Still, they say if you still like the code you wrote last week you aren’t learning, and its clear that I’ve learnt an awful lot over the last three years.

I decided the website’s code-base needed a complete revamp meaning a new WordPress HTML5 theme, completely rewritten JavaScript and a responsive design. With all this going on I only had time to make small improvements to the look and feel – this project wasn’t a redesign so much as a redevelop.

I’ve been researching responsive frameworks such 320 and up, Bootstrap and Foundation for the day job and have wanted to get my hands dirty with one for a while. Seeing as Zurb has just dropped the mightily impressive Foundation 3 complete with Sass support it got the nod over Bootstrap (which uses LESS as a preprocessor). After a bit of wrangling to install the Ruby Gem (tip: delete Foundation 2 if you have it) I managed to get a new Compass project up and running using Foundation as a framework pretty quickly.

Overall I found Foundation pretty intuitive to work with – responsive UI elements are particularly easy to hook up quickly (one of Foundation’s USPs), although there a few downsides. The Foundation partial took a long time to compile on each save  (looks like a bug which they are looking at) and the lack of support for IE7 may (sadly) still be a problem for some sites.

Anyhoos, check out the new site…

screen shot of Jamie Shavdia website


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